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Local sourcing, passion and commitment
are features, that differentiate us from our competitors. 20 years of experience in the meat industry makes us a trustworthy business partner.


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Discover the best from the Polish Warmia
We are selling our high-quality products for a long time and benefit from the passion and resources of the Warmia region. Since 2020 we are part of Eurobeef Group, what brought us new investments and quick development of our plant.
We would like to inform you about the planned merger of Zakład Uboju Bydła Biskupiec Sp. z o.o. and EUROBEEF Ubojnia Sp. z o.o.
Details can be found in this PDF document: 


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We appreciate our local area and nature from which we benefit
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Passion and commitment

We establish our leading position on the market by continuous manufacturing processes improvement
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Our success is backed up by many years of experience in the meat industry


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We focus on locality
A huge amount of our raw material comes from our region. In such a way we not only reduce the transportation inconvenience to a minimum but most of all, we profit from the experience and commitment of our local suppliers.
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Zakład Uboju Bydła Biskupiec

ul. Olsztyńska 3
11-300 Biskupiec-Kolonia Trzecia
NIP: 739 393 03 65
REGON: 384007102
KRS: 0000797492

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